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People and Workforce Focus

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Our Farm, Our Plan is a program developed by Dairy Australia with support from the Gardiner Dairy Foundation. It is designed to equip farmers to clarify their long term goals, prioritise and identify actions needed, and to better manage uncertainty and risk. As farms grow in size and complexity, understanding how to manage and lead people becomes even more important. Getting the basics right for your employees through to developing a cohesive team aligned with your business goals makes running a business a lot easier.

Having a clear view of long term business and personal goals helps to make better decisions, especially the big decisions that involve the whole farm team. Our Farm, Our Plan keeps it simple and takes long term plans and ideas from dairy farmers’ heads and gets them down on one page. In this Workforce focussed Our Farm Our Plan program, we will delve more closely into the Workforce challenges and opportunities on your farm and you will develop a Plan on Page to work on your People strategy. The Plan on a Page requires agreement, is able to be shared and enables farmers to track their progress over time. We will also look at People and Workforce resources that are available through Dairy Australia to help your farm business.

The program is delivered via online workshops over 7 one and a quarter hour sessions, plus 2 X 1:1 sessions with a trained Dairy Business Consultant ~ Cam Smith and Agribusiness Program Lead Greg Duncan. It helps to give you structure around where you are heading with the People aspect of your farm business, connect your People strategy to your business goals and what to focus first on to get there!

Farmers consistently say how much they enjoy the benefits of being involved in a National Online “Our Farm, Our Plan” program, like not having to leave the farm, meeting other farmers from across Australia they would never had the opportunity to as well as having both the group discussions and smaller one to one sessions. An example of the benefits of the program can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/38YuPPD


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