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Financial Counselling

Empowering our clients to make better business decisions

Financial Counselling

RFCS Gippsland can provide free, confidential and independent rural financial counselling services to eligible primary producers, fishers, forestry growers, harvesters, and other small rural businesses.

Across RFCS East Victoria service region are dedicated and experienced Counsellors who can assist you to:

Analyse your cash flow and business viability

Prepare profit & loss statements and budgets

Identify areas of risk in your business

Develop strategies and action plans for improving your business

Negotiate with creditors and banks

Provide information on Government and other industry assistance programs

Work with you to balance priorities

Provide the tools and techniques to make informed business decisions

Review loan arrangements and refinancing options

Refer to appropriate professional and other services

Prepare for and provide support through Farm Debt Mediation

Identify any training requirements

Plan an exit strategy if you choose to cease production or leave farming

Help unlock your potential to achieve

Help keep you on track to achieve your goals

Our counsellors cannot provide advice on any legal or financial matters, or relationship counselling.
We can only support you in the decision making process – ultimately it will be your decisions.

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How we work with you

Our approach is set by your objectives

Our Counsellors work with you one-on-one to help you deal with stresses of financial hardship, set goals and work with you to achieve them


Other Services

We are here to help

We provide access to Government assistance, industry and professional support programs, as well as information and referrals to assist you with managing personal stress



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2. Collaborate with Client Support Stakeholders