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The newly launched Disaster Mental Health Hub website provides access to free disaster mental health information, resources such as tip sheets and videos, and online training programs.

Join us for an interactive webinar where we will introduce you to the wealth of content on the hub, and a panel of experts will discuss evidence-based strategies for supporting recovery after disaster.


What the webinar will cover

•   using practical, evidence-based strategies to support recovery after disaster
•   the breadth of information, resources and training available on the Disaster Mental Health Hub to help health professionals support individuals, families and communities
​​​​•   the three phases of disaster response: preparation (before), response (during and immediately after), and recovery (medium and longer term)

Who should attend

The webinar is designed for:
•    health practitioners, including general practitioners, psychologists, and allied health
•    peak professional bodies


•    Professor Lisa Gibbs, Director of the Child and Community Wellbeing Program in the Centre for Health Equity, University of Melbourne
•    A/Professor Simon Rosenbaum, University of New South Wales
•    Nicole Sadler, Head, Policy and Practice, Phoenix Australia
•    A/Professor Leanne Humphreys, Director of Training & Workforce Development, Phoenix Australia
•    ​​​​​​Jane Nursey, Director, Clinical Services, Phoenix Australia
•    Alexandra Howard, Director of Disaster & Public Health Emergencies, Phoenix Australia


1. Implement Innovative Client Engagement Approaches

2. Collaborate with Client Support Stakeholders