Silly Jolly Holiday Season

With the main part of the silly season past us and the dawning of a new year is here, it is the perfect time for reflection of the past year and start forward planning. It’s the opportunity to contemplate the future and work toward a ‘jolly-er holiday season’ next year.  

How did you feel as the year came to a close? Exhausted or optimistic? Do you feel like business is where it should be; were you organised; did everything run smoothly; financially on track; ready for a break knowing you’ve worked hard, achieved and can relax? Are you feeling loved and connected with your family and friends? Or were you experiencing feelings of failure, the weight of financial distress, guilt, incompetence, loneliness, and resentment toward family and friends? Or is it a mixed bag? Why does it matter? Holidays are hard, but are nearly over, and it’s time to put your head down and get straight back into it. Yes, that could be your modus operandi, but you might just end up in the same position next year.  

Without spending some time reflecting things will never change, you won’t remember what you did or didn’t do that helped or hindered your situation.  

This time of year is perfect for reflection because all our emotions tend to get amplified, making it easier to work out how we really feel about things and what matters most. If you were surrounded by loved ones over the holidays, chances are this brought immense joy. Similarly, financial struggles or challenges become more apparent during this period, making you realise that business may not be in the best financial situation.  

This message is not about setting a goal or a New Year’s Resolution, majority of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions, according to a recent survey by Forbes Health. The Forbes Health survey found that the average resolution lasts just 3.74 months.  It’s a common phenomenon that people tend to fail at keeping their New Year’s resolutions, so don’t feel bad if this is you. This failure is so widespread that various unofficial dates are observed to commemorate it. Some sources suggest that January 17 is celebrated as “Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day,” while others mark the second Friday in January as “Quitter’s Day.” Surely the stats can’t be that bad? But they are, with other resources showing as little as 9% of people actually stick to their resolutions. Here’s how it ends up happening… the ball drops a few weeks or months after New Year’s, energy and excitement wear off and the same old habits and life continue. Those feelings that were amplified at holiday time look different now, they don’t feel as justified or as important.  

Forget about New Year’s resolutions, but take a deeper look at that word reflection and ask yourself some difficult questions. What do you really want out of your businesses and finances? How much do your relationships matter to you, and which do you want to focus your time and energy on? Answering these questions truthfully within yourself and for yourself is the first step to finding a pathway for personal and professional growth and success.   

Beyond that first step, it’s not that straightforward or obvious. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is meaningful change; it takes time, dedication, persistent effort, support and most importantly a PLAN. The effort and time doesn’t have to be all-consuming. Planning can be done in manageable steps (actions). Each step moving you forward and working toward your desirable future (goal). How these steps link together is your plan in action. So, this time next year, maybe you can reflect differently against your plan? 

Remember, Rome wasn’t built alone either – it was built by many people; skilled individuals working together.  Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS) Gippsland is an option to help support and guide you in areas you need it most. We want to see you succeed where you want to succeed most.  

RFCS Gippsland is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL service within your reach that offers financial counsel, planning and guidance as well as additional support for your wellbeing. RFCS Gippsland has over 35 years of experience supporting farming and rural communities.  

Did you have a Jolly holiday season? Would you like to plan for a Jolly-er holiday season next year? Call RFCS Gippsland, we can help you put that plan into action. 



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