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How to validate your Marketplace idea, and get your first customers WITHOUT spending a tonne of money

Do you have an idea for a marketplace?

How would you like to have a clear path forward to test and validate your marketplace idea, WHILE strengthening it BEFORE you spend precious time & money on building it?

Would you like to have real paying and raving customers before you build?

This 90 minute online workshop dives into a strategy that will enable you to test marketplace idea, with minimal technology, enabling you to gain confidence in your idea BEFORE you start building. You will also learn how to gain paying customers and raving fans all BEFORE you build your marketplace.

You don’t need a tonne of money to validate your idea. In fact, you will end up with a much stronger marketplace IF you validate without worrying about building your marketplace.

Who is this workshop for?

You have an idea for a marketplace and you are..

  • Not sure where to start
  • Not sure if the idea is worth pursuing
  • In the middle of customer discovery
  • Trying to validate your marketplace idea
  • Currently building a marketplace

And you would like…

  • To know if it’s an idea worth pursuing?
  • Where you should start?
  • A clear path forward in testing your marketplace idea?
  • The confidence you need to take the next step with your marketplace idea?
  • A strategy that will ensure you are on the right path?

Join this workshop to kickstart your marketplace with the best chance of success from the beginning!

About Bec Faye:

Bec Faye is a Marketplace Optimisation & Growth Specialist (UX / CX / Product), with 11+ years experience in UX/CX/Product Design & Optimisation, including the last 7 years focused purely on marketplaces.

As a marketplace consultant, Bec works closely with founders, product and growth teams to explore marketplace concepts, validate, plan, build and grow a marketplace for success.

She is the creator of The 8 PIllars fo Marketplace Success and the Marketplace Success Criteria which are both helpful tools for any marketplace entrepreneur.

Bec loves running workshops with marketplace teams, especially when they are hit by a ‘Eureka!’ moment that changes everything!




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