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Wilandra Farms near Sale has invested heavily in energy-saving measures, renewable energy, irrigation automation and an energy management system to significantly reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. What they have learned has encouraged them to investigate other ways to reduce their farm emissions and look for ways to sequester carbon. A range of technology is used on the farm to reduce operating costs and improve outcomes for the farm and the natural environment.

​​​​​​This field day will allow delegates to listen to a range of speakers in the morning, followed by a farm visit in the afternoon.

Some speakers and topics covered on the day include:

  1. Lachlan Monsbourgh (Rabobank) – The big picture and global context
  2. Charlie Prell (Farmers for Climate Action) – What can landowners do?
  3. Wilco Droppert & Sandra Jefford (Wilandra Farms) – Renewable energy and steps to minimise emissions
  4. Steve Soutar (AEI) – Overview of renewable energy solutions
  5. Gabriel Hakim (AgVet Energy) – The potential to reduce energy use in dairies
  6. Megan Hill (Dairy Australia) – Dairy Australia’s support in reducing energy costs and saving emissions
  7. Alison Kelly (Agriculture Victoria) – Understanding and calculating emissions on farm

Download the full list of speakers and topics

8:45am – 1:00pm (The Stables, Sale)
1:15pm – 3pm (Wilandra Farms, Clydebank)

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