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We all know what a ‘good day’ and ‘not so good day’ looks like on the farm, but it can be really valuable to understand how our own attitude and approach impacts us, the people around us, and our animals.

Research used by Global Leadership Foundation demonstrates that emotionally healthy leaders are five times more effective than those operating ‘below the line’, where automatic responses, such as denial and blame, dominate in challenging situations.

A Good Day on the Farm is a GippsDairy-supported workshop for dairy farmers to better understand and explore how to be ‘emotionally healthy’ and improve their effectiveness as a leader, their farm business performance, and have greater satisfaction in their everyday life.

The event – being held on Tuesday 6 February at the Traralgon Bowls Club – will be facilitated by Global Leadership Foundation’s Gayle Hardie, dairy farmer Kate Mirams, and Mark Humphris from The Milk Road.

The facilitators have connected with dairy farmers across Australia to hear their insights and examples of personal practices they have put in place to create more ‘good days’, and the impact these practices have had. These responses have been compiled into a booklet by Global Leadership Foundation and will be shared at the workshop. Each participant will take home one of these booklets and contribute to developing more practical strategies within the group that can be implemented in their lives and businesses.

Registrations are still open for any Gippsland dairy farmers who would like to attend.