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Creating videos to amplify your marketing strategy is critical to its success in 2020. It’s estimated that 80% of media being consumed in 2020 is videos.

During this workshop we’ll cover:

  • What type of videos you need to be creating—you can’t market like you were 1 week, 2 days or even like you did yesterday. Times change, and you need to change with it.
  • How long your videos need to be—learn answers to the most commonly asked questions and find out WHY we suggest this length
  • The ultimate list of cost-effective video creation tools—from free to ‘freemium’ tools, I give you the run down on my go-to tools to use to create better videos to be used across my social media channels.
  • Live demonstrations of the tools—we’ll dive into each tool and run you through how to use it LIVE during the workshop
  • The secret to making the most of your videos—we’re all low on time and resources so working smarter—not harder—is how we use this tactic to amplify the reach of our videos.

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