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Learn how to assess the ‘what ifs’ and plan ahead to meet them at this practical, interactive webinar packed with relevant, useful advice to improve the continuity and resilience of your business.

Preparing for business challenges:

A crisis is no time to expect to make sound business decisions. You won’t have to if you already have in place a plan to activate when normal day-to-day business is interrupted.

Crisis and recovery from disaster does not separate business from the personal. As a business owner you have responsibilities to your staff and customers as well as yourself, your family and your business. Being prepared is better than floundering.

Understand the various different types of disaster and be guided, step by step, to identify and assess your exposure to risk. Then plan and prepare how you would manage your response and recovery.

If you take that time now, your ability to successfully navigate a crisis with your business intact will significantly increase. It may even help you to sleep better at night. For some businesses, planning ahead will be essential.

Crisis Recovery:

With the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis and the fallout of the recent bushfires, Victorian small businesses have been impacted in many ways.

If you are finding it a challenge to shield your business from recent events, this webinar will take you through practical steps to get you through the current situation threatening your livelihood.

Learn how to:
• Understand crisis planning
• Respond and recover from a crisis
• Plan and prepare for business challenges
• Understand the impact of disaster
• Apply emergency planning development tools
• Identify key risks
• Develop plans, strategies and actions to follow
• Create your own crisis management plan
• Access tools, templates, support and resources in future

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