2 New Counsellors appointed

We are pleased to announce the appointment of 2 new Financial Counsellors to the Gippsland team.

Christos Iliopoulos and Sarah Bardsley.

Christos will be based in Maffra, servicing the whole Gippsland region 3 days per week.  He brings extensive experience in commerce; local government; community health and education, and a significant background in business management, consulting, teaching, disability http://www.healthandrecoveryinstitute.com/adderall-adhd/ support and farmer assistance.

Sarah will be based in Ellinbank and Maffra, servicing the whole of Gippsland 2 days per week.  She bringing extensive experience in the dairy industry;  business management and has working knowledge of issues directly impacting our rural communities, developing the Heyfield Financial Counselling Community Outreach Program.

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Media Release – New Financial Counsellors welcomed



1. Implement Innovative Client Engagement Approaches

2. Collaborate with Client Support Stakeholders